Posted by: iwanbudi | May 25, 2009

Tenryuugawa (天竜川) 第一章(Chapter 1)

It’s been about 3 months since i came to Tenryuugawa. It’s a lovely place i think, reminds me a lot about Semarang(my hometown). So…. lets peek a bit about Tenryuugawa Open-mouthed.

This is my windows view, not so much can be seen here, but you can see shinkansen everyday Smile, and you will be shaken a bit when it passes trough.

Okay, its a little boring to see….So, why don’t we go to my office Tongue out

This is my neighbour’s yard, you can see some plants here ^^; 

What a long railway…..

So clean…. but noone’s here >.<

Throw the trash to the green “cage”???

Do you see that withered trees? It will become a full bloom sakura in March to April. And the street will be turned to beautiful pink.

It’s time to cross the railway… HURRYY!!!!smile_speedy

Sooo relaxing ,,,,,

A wide street, but again… no people. It will be a great place for Silent hill or Resident Evil’s setting.

A small bridge,sometimes you can see turtles in the water.

A little more and we will be arrived at my office.


And…. that’s it for now. May be you will be a little confused because the weather in the photos are not same. It’s fine because i didn’t take it all at once Tongue

So… let’s see some on  the next time…..



  1. Latihan bahasa inggris >..<

  2. huhuhu, bener2 gk ada org.. deserted.. serem jg kalo malem..

    • yep begitulah…. sepiiiiiiii banget. Coba bayangin malem2 lewat sini sendirian.

  3. Do you have the pic of full bloom sakura in the neighborhood? I’d love to see that.

    *sori ikut nimbrung* 😛

    • Hi Lz,thanks for your reply.

      It’s a pitty but i don’t have it. Sakura only blooms for short time (about 2 weeks) and i miss that chance.

      Adi maybe have some pictures of sakura, if you are interested i will ask him to upload it here.

      *gapapa nimbrung aja biar rame, kalo perlu panggil yang laen hehehhehe*

    • Untuk foto2 sakura yg lagi mekar di Nippori (Tokyo-to, Arakawa-ku) bisa dilihat di
      Akhir-akhir ini lagi males posting di blog, jadi harap maklum klo agak out of date.

      – idJoe is not Idjoe

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