Posted by: shunchan | June 10, 2009

random post n-th

bacaan menarik kalo lagi bosen:


Q. Trains: When riding the trains, I have noticed the driver of the train making a hand gesture resembling a salute and then pointing out toward the tracks. At first, I thought he might be controlling the crosswalk gates with some remote control, but there was nothing in his hands. He seemed to be signaling something to someone, but there was no other train passing or anything he appeared to be accomplishing with this movement. Any clues?– Question submitted by Richard Lauria.
A1. If you notice, there is generally someone who steps off the train. He signals down the tracks to a guy often on the platform in the center, who signals down to the driver at the other end. They are all signaling to each other that the doors are clear to be closed, and the tracks are clear of any “jumpers”. Sometimes the guy who actually drives the train shouts out “Yoshi, Ikou!” (OK, let’s go!) as the train starts off.–Answer kindly submitted by Michael Bland
A2. One explanation I have come across was on a UK TV program about the Bullet Train. It showed the driver making these gestures and said it was an indication that the driver was aware of something in that section of the route, such as a signal or crossing and that by making a visible movement, it proved he was paying attention to his duties.–Answer kindly submitted by Ric Lamb

Q. Have you ever noticed that on an escalator in the Kanto and Tokai all people are standing immobile on the left side, while in the Kansai it is on the right side. Why is that ?
A. According to one apocryphal theory, the answer lies in the different histories of the two areas. During the Edo period, Kanto (Tokyo area) had more samurai whereas Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe) had more merchants. When they went up and down stairs, samurai wanted to be on the left side so that they could draw their swords more easily. Merchants wanted to protect their wallets from thieves, so they stayed on the right. The more widely accepted origin, however, is that the custom of standing on the right started during the World Exposition in Osaka in 1970. At that time, the Hankyu Railway made announcements asking passengers to stand on the right when they used escalators. The idea was to make it easy for the large number of foreign visitors who came to the Expo. The practice is said to be a holdover from those days.

Q. Do I have to pay the NHK man?
A. The NHK man is a representative of Japan’s state-run television station who goes door to door trying to collect NHK fees, a bi-monthly tax of about 2000 yen that everyone who owns a colour television in Japan is required by law to pay. They are generally very aggressive and threatening, usually sticking their foot in the door so that you can’t close it on them, and somehow giving you the impression that dire consequences will ensue if you do not pay promptly. The truth is that although there really is a law, a lot of people in Japan completely ignore it and you can too if you want to. Telling them that you do not watch Japanese TV is not an acceptable excuse, because the law says that everyone who owns a TV has to pay so the best way to get rid of them is to just refuse outright. They are not going to have you arrested and they cannot garnishee your wages so if you don’t watch NHK, so you don’t have to be intimidated by them. Nor do they have any right to enter your apartment, so if you tell them that you do not have a TV there is no way for them to charge you (be careful if you have a satellite dish though).



  1. gw pernah tuh di tagih ama orang NHK!

    ini semua gara2 temennya temen sekamar gw..
    dia ditagih ama NHK.trus ditanya siapa lg temen dia yg ada tv..
    Trus dijawab deh.nama temen sekamar gw..>.<

    temen sekamar gw sampe langsung lapor k gw.bilang Ga mau bayarr!! Mahaaal…ahahaha..

    jd kita ngibul deh… Ga punya TV Pak..trus ga dibiarin masuk ke apartemen… ^^v

    maaf ya pak NHK, wong di jakarta aja ga bayar iuran TVRI kog… (now i know… darimana tuh budaya iuran TVRI berasal.. )


  2. loh lu bilang 1 rumah 1 duonk huahuaha….

    tadinya gw jg ga sejak ada si sebelah ini. Waktu itu dia kena tagih tapi pas gw masi ga ada TV…. Tapi itu udah beberapa bulan lalu ditagihnya…

    Ntah skrg2 ini ditagih lagi ga gw ga tau coz ga pernah bayar…

    Pura2x ga bisa ngmg jpn aja trus matiin jgn kasih masuk huahhaua….

  3. Shun chan apa kabar?

    Nama saya Lissa, saya mau tahu kamu suka liat konser musik ga?

    thanks ya

    • suka2 aja. kenapa?

  4. ooh. Aku mau tanya kamu pernah nonton konsernya GACKT belum?

    Coz aku penasaran dengan suasana konsernya GACKT


    • aku blom pernah nonton konser GACKT haha

  5. Oya kalau fansnya GACKT di Jepang sebanyak apa sih?

    Tapi kamu suka musiknya GACKT?

    Oya boleh minta YM kamu ga?

    thanks ya

    • yah banyak juga fansnya. Musiknya sih yah gitu deh haha

  6. Ya gitu deh gimana?

    • dia mah pecinta ayumi hamasaki n koda kumi..
      salah nanya keknya hauhauhauha

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